“…From The Heart is a really fine CD. The musicianship and vocal work is's worth every second…”
Chris Lonsberry“The Independent Music Site” USA - June 2002

“…the cocktail of “from the heart”succeeds perfectly, due to (Eric's) excellent preparation which allows him to move within each track with ease and capability…”
Francesco Piccioni “City” Italy - May 2002

“…on occasions he displays a “black” voice in contrast to his fair skin….”
Fabrizio Marcheselli “Gazzetta di Parma” Italy - April 2002

“… A voice that has everything for it to be remembered for long... Wanna bet?….”
Fabio Schiavo “Stop” Italy - March 2002


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More than a CD "from the heart" is the result of a life spent within the music and entertainment business of the last 40 years.

Considering his family roots, it was inevitable, that Eric van Aro would end up in the music and entertainment business. Not only was he the producer and artistic collaborator to various artists like his mother, the internationally famous singer Caterina Valente (Producer “GIRLTALK” 2001 on Nagel Hayer Records) but he has acted, danced, arranged, composed and worked as an image consultant as well.

In 1999 Eric van Aro decided to start working on his fist solo album with the collaboration of musician Antonio Chindamo, by recording a selection of songs that have left an important imprint in his musical culture.

"from the heart" reunites 10 tracks of popular American songs like “Queen Bee” (Rupert Holmes), “Georgy Porgy” (David Paich), “Rainbow Sleeve” (Tom Waits) and “From the Heart” (Carly Simon) with original material by Chindamo and van Aro, crossing the musical panorama and styles, from the twenties to the end of the last century, with arrangement influences that go from world music to jazz and country/blues of which “And when I die” (Laura Nyro) is a prime example.

Van Aro’s choice of material for the album "from the heart" is highly significant. The basic idea underlying the whole album is the interpretation of popular songs characterised by great emotional sensibility, an intention which is clearly apparent in the fourth track, “Letters that cross in the mail”, with the exceptional participation of Caterina Valente.

Each song on "from the heart" has been treated as a one act play; this unusual musical and interpretative approach enables Eric van Aro to use his multi facetted voice as an actor would, by serving the material with different voice timbres, depths and intensities. The result offers a totally different character for each song.

On a simpler note, one can affirm that the album is a bridge between different musical styles, representing the versatility of Eric van Aro’s experiences and career.

"from the heart" clearly captures the emotions of a life lived within the world of music!